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    Their people once nurtured mankind. But nurture soon gave way to total subjugation and cruelty. So seven Jonn'Qarra turned against their own kind to save humanity. They cast them out of this reality, but vowed to keep watch...just in case they ever found a way back. They did. And this time, everything that can go wrong...will.

⚠ And so, it Begins…

Welcome to the home of Eon Press Presents. A comic universe EONS in the making.

Eon Press Presents is the culmination of decades of work, failure and resolve. The universe you see before you is filled with technology, superheroes and wonder. Magic is merely science beyond the ability of less advanced beings to understand. Gods are merely people who are slightly less mortal than the rest of us. Heroes are simply those who have chosen to give of themselves for the benefit of others. And villains…well, villains are all that and everything in between.

Come join in on adventure in a universe that has everything you expected, and nothing you were prepared for.

The Jonn’Qarra Awaken
Thousands of years ago, powerful beings came to our world in search of a new home. For a time, they lived in relative harmony with humanity. But as time dragged on, the power disparity between the two species became more and more problematic, with humans turning into subjugated worshippers and suffering at the hands of dispassionate gods. A small group of these powerful beings saw the injustice and decided to do something about it, trapping their own kind in a parallel universe for millenia. Slumbering, in a sense, for generations, SURGE reawakens to find that the exiled have returned. More ...
Covenor City
Covenor City is a strange place with strange people. It didn't always used to be this way. But one day, the gods came down from their secret hiding place and revealed themselves to be real all along. And it turns out, they were people. Just a little more extraordinary than the rest of us. Or so we thought. As it turns out, humanity can be pretty extraordinary when they want to be. All it took was a little inspiration to light the spark. Covenor City just seems to be ground zero for all that inspiration. Let's hope the extraordinary denizens ...
Sweet Thang
"Matthew" Ryder is an alien cyborg living on earth. He has Adaptive Phased Energy Synthetics, which simply means he can choose what kind of energy blast his emitters will fire at will. He commands a team of humans with unique abilities, backgrounds and personalities in an attempt to police the otherworldly tech that seems to have spread like wildfire on earth. The problem is, his team doesn’t necessarily understand how teams work. He will have to find a way to make the team work together, and deal with his own issues of personal loss, if he's ever going to save ...
Every universe has it's most powerful hero. Soon the world will know her name ...
The Unbeatable Hero X
Leslie has never lost a fight. Not one. Not ever. Masters who have trained for decades fall to her superior knowledge of what appears to be every martial art. Which…shouldn't be possible. When someone is in trouble, she swoops in, saves the day, then disappears. With no one even getting a chance to ask her name. And with no apparent superpowers to speak of. What is Leslie's secret? Is it clairvoyance? Telepathy? Magic? Or just unparalleled skill? And in a world with an ever increasing number of beings with extraordinary superpowers, can she continue to be The Unbeatable Hero X? ...
L'ysette & Friends
The Immortal Duel
For the trillions of life forms in the Mendreb System, THE GAME is the thing. It's the only thing. THE GAME is Life. THE GAME is Death. A Player in THE GAME is connected empathically through technological means to his Avatars. The Avatars are creatures or constructs that the Player has trained or programmed to operate as a combatant representing the strategic skill of the Player. The Players battle in various structured formats with various rules and regulations depending on the chosen venue. But one constant remains. Gaining points adds actual days to your life. Losing points removes them. Winning ...
The Corrupted
The Corruption
The Quarn were an advanced civilization of artificial intelligence who left this galaxy after gaining self-awareness. Rather than the malevolent monsters humans imagine the "singularity" becoming, the Quarn were simply not interested in organic life once it had learned as much as it was possible to know about them without observing them for millions of additional years. The Quarn decided that they would detach themselves from the evolution of organic-kind and observe from afar. But primarily, they were interested in exploring the potential of their own existence. The Quarn consciousness developed the ability to travel vast distances, and left this ...

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Mark Daniel Martinez


Eon Press Presents was created, written and drawn entirely by Mark Daniel Martinez. At least, for now. 😉