The Jonn’Qarra Awaken

S.U.R.G.E. - Eon Press Presents

Thousands of years ago, powerful beings came to our world in search of a new home. For a time, they lived in relative harmony with humanity. But as time dragged on, the power disparity between the two species became more and more problematic, with humans turning into subjugated worshippers and suffering at the hands of dispassionate gods. A small group of these powerful beings saw the injustice and decided to do something about it, trapping their own kind in a parallel universe for millenia. Slumbering, in a sense, for generations, SURGE reawakens to find that the exiled have returned. More powerful than ever. And beyond pissed. With seemingly nothing standing between their angry kinfolk and the resubjugation of earth, SURGE must find a way to protect mankind from an enemy more powerful than even they can possibly imagine. And come to terms with the idea that maybe, they just made everything far, far worse.

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