Welcome to the home of Eon Press Presents. A comic universe EONS in the making.

Eon Press Presents is the culmination of decades of work, failure and resolve. The universe you see before you is filled with technology, superheroes and wonder. Magic is merely science beyond the ability of less advanced beings to understand. Gods are merely people who are slightly less mortal than the rest of us. Heroes are simply those who have chosen to give of themselves for the benefit of others. And villains…well, villains are all that and everything in between.

Come join in on adventure in a universe that has everything you expected, and nothing you were prepared for.

Mark Daniel Martinez

Creator and Owner

Mark is the creator, illustrator and author of Eon Press Presents. In addition to this project, he also hosts the YouTube Channel Digital Jedi Master, freelances as an artists for other comic creators and dreams of building the first major indoor theme park by the name of Alternate Realities. Not to mention, spending each day with his wife and daughter. Suffice it to say, he’s busy.