Sweet Thang

“Matthew” Ryder is an alien cyborg living on earth. He has Adaptive Phased Energy Synthetics, which simply means he can choose what kind of energy blast his emitters will fire at will. He commands a team of humans with unique abilities, backgrounds and personalities in an attempt to police the otherworldly tech that seems to have spread like wildfire on earth. The problem is, his team doesn’t necessarily understand how teams work. He will have to find a way to make the team work together, and deal with his own issues of personal loss, if he’s ever going to save the earth, his sanity, and even his team’s lives.

The powerful Corazón’s abilities remain a mystery, even to her. The people who raised her when she was discovered as a child in Puerto Rico are the only parents she’s ever known. All she knows is that she’s been able to sense feelings and emotions ever since then. And that she can access a well of crystal-like energy that doesn’t seem to originate from this universe. Possibly the most even tempered of Matthew’s team, she’s also likely the most powerful. But her understanding of her powers and how they tie to her emotions is still something she has yet to master. Unfortunately, neither her, nor her team, may have the time to wait for that to happen.

Sweet Thang

The technical expert, mechanic and all around show off of “Matthew” Ryder’s team is Alysha Bryant. Codename: Sweet Thang. And, yes, she picked that name. Sweet Thang can generate threads of energy and control their length and intensity. She combines this ability with the fighting techniques of various martial arts to wield them as swords, staffs or other forms of swordsmanship. A formidable member of the team, her free spiritedness and flirtatious nature tends to make the more stuck up members of the team uncomfortable. Which, in her opinion, is definitely a “you” problem. Matthew seems to be the only one who knows the origin of her powers, but neither is very forthcoming about it. All the team knows, or at least suspects, is that they share a very personal loss.

It’s no exaggeration to say Allison lives her life like a…candle in the wind. Her life was supposed to have ended years ago. Fate…well, actually, aliens had a different plan. Curing her fatal illness and giving her phenomenal fire abilities in the process, Allison’s life took a turn she was never expecting. The only problem is, she never asked or volunteered for any of it. Tired of having things happen to her, she decided she wasn’t going to be a player in anyone else’s story but her own. Which is fine, if she didn’t come into constant conflict wither her teammates. It’s a wonder why she even wants to be part of a team to begin with. For everyone’s sake, she’ll need to learn quickly. Also, you do not want to call her a hothead.

Personable, but not very forthcoming about his past, SK is the most talkative of the team. Were it not for his accent, you wouldn’t even know what part of the world he was from. And his teammates hear his accent…constantly. Sir Kilowatt is no stranger to sarcasm and gets along famously with fellow teammate “Sweet Thang”, who only comes in second as the most talkative of the team.

His origins remain a closely guarded secret. But his powerset is unmistakably identifiable. Capable of generating tremendous amounts of electricity, he has to wear this special suit in order to focus and use his powers stably. Even with the suit, powering up can cause the hairs of any nearby to stand on end. A fact that causes him to tread carefully around others. Even his own team members.

His favorite catchphrase? “Shocking, isn’t it?” No one can get him to stop using it.

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